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Rochester, New York

June 2007

Hi, this is Stanley. I found someone I plan to marry soon. I think she is very kind, caring, understanding. I plan to spend the rest of my life with her. I hope you too, find what you're looking for! Much thanks to the dating service!


Chicago, IL.

June 2007

This is Nia, I would like to thank Telemates for helping me find my mate. I am also gonna be married next year. So I would like to say thank you and I wish everybody on this line good luck. Thanks again, bye, bye.


Tulsa, OK.

June 2007

Hi guys, this is Bonnie. I just want to let you guys know that I have found my soulmate on this dating service! I wish all you guys the best luck ever in finding your Mrs. Right, just hang in there. Telemates really works!


Tallahassee, FL.

June 2007

Good morning fellas, this is your girl Diamond aka Queenie. I found the love of my life. Bye now, y'all keep it real and be sweet.


Jacksonville, FL

June 2007

Everything was oaky! Thank you and good luck to you all!


Fullerton, CA

June 2007

Everything was real cool. Thank you, MegaMates!


Hustisford, WI

June 2007

Thank you, I found someone!


Bartlesville, OK

June 2007

Your dating service is nice, thank you.


Toledo, OH

June 2007

I met someone through your online dating service.


Orlando, FL

June 2007

I met someone on MegaMates and now we are getting married! Thank you so much and good luck everyone!

647 of 925
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