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Jacksonville, FL

Hi, this is Jeffery. I've met some really nice guys on this line.


New York, NY

I've been on this line for several years and I've met some really great guys.


Indianapolis, IN

Hi everyone. I'm Eugene. This line is the best line there is! I appreciate MegaMates so much. There's so many great guys on the line. Good luck to all of you.


Riverside, CA

Reggie here. I just want to say that I have met and talked to some very interesting people on here. It's been awesome!


Hartford, CT

Thank you for everything MegaMates. I met some good guys on this line.


Miami, FL

This date line was good to me in the past. I met some really nice guys. Well, I'm back and ready to try it again!


San Francisco, CA

Hi, it's Sam. I am really enjoying the wonderful time I am having on MegaMates! I've found a lot of fun and happiness. This is a sweet line!


Minneapolis, MN

What's up? This is Wade. I had message retrieval for a week. I got some pictures, I got some phone numbers and I got a couple of hot dates out of it. Thank God for MegaMates!


Wichita, KS

Good afternoon. This is Mike. I met a very special man on this line a couple of years ago. He knows that he is the only one for me.


Orlando, FL

Hi, this is Chad. I had chat time and message retrieval for a week and it was a wonderful experience. It was very positive. I am happy to say that I have already found what I was looking for. I encourage all of you who are serious to get chat time and message retrieval if you really want to find what you are looking for. Have a nice day and I hope you find what you're looking for like I did.

1 of 241
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