Online Dating Success Stories
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Newark, NJ

Hi this is Manny. I've been on line for a while now and have met some interesting people; have had a great time.


Fort Worth, TX

Megamates is a great line. You just got to be patient. There are some great people on this line.


Dickinson, TX

I met someone through your online Gay dating service.


Cleveland, OH

Hello Bob here. I've chatted with a lot of guys. I've just met 3 guys and Wow, Wow & Wow.


Tampa, FL

This is Pete. I wanted to say this is a good line. I have a wonderful time with it and I'm enjoying it.


St. Louis, MO

I've had some good experiences on Megamates. I've met some good people.


Seffner, FL

I met someone through your online dating service.


San Francisco, CA

Like to thank all who gave me a message. You're all great. I like all of you. But there's one who I really like to be with & hope he likes me. Thank you so much everybody


Louisville, KY

This is Alex. My fantasy has always been to cross dress. I have found another cross dresser who is absolutely beautiful. She is great and will probably be the One.


Dayton, OH

I met someone through your free online dating service.

21 of 241
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