NEW! MegaMates Mobile Features

The latest addition to the
888-MegaMates family of dating
products and services

MegaMates Mobile is a location-based
social networking service that uses
GPS technology on your Smart
Phone to quickly locate and
identify men and women who
are geographically
closest to you and
available for connecting.

If you're seeking new friends, single and looking for a date,
or just hanging out and wanting something more casual, MegaMates Mobile will get you where you're going
when you're on the go.

MegaMates Mobile Features

No Mobile App Download Required!

Unlike other mobile dating applications MegaMates Mobile
doesn't require you to download, install software or
manage and update a mobile app.

Built using the mobile standard HTML 5.0, you can access a
full set of features which top-of- the-line downloadable
mobile apps currently offer without having to download
anything! Simply point your mobile browser to

Use MegaMates Mobile on most Smart Phones!

iPhone, Android, Blackberry and most other Smart Phone users have equal access and functionality on MegaMates Mobile. You
won't feel left out of the Mobile App
explosion because you don't have an
iPhone or Android phone.

Security, Privacy and Protection from Mobile Viruses!

Since MegaMates doesn't require you to download or install an application you don't have to worry about downloading viruses. Viruses have emerged for mobile phones and it's possible to download malicious
code that could make your phone unusable.

Protection against harmful viruses is important
on every Smart Phone. You'll be safe and
protected at MegaMates Mobile!

The only Mobile Dating Application Enhanced with Voice Personals Ads!

We've taken Mobile Dating to the next level by
integrating our 888-MegaMates phone-based voice personals ads into the new MegaMates Mobile
web-based application. Once you've located your closest geographic matches you can check out profiles, view photos, instant message, and LISTEN TO AUDIO ADS! A voice says a lot about a person. Now you can read the stats, view the photos, and hear the voice of
the person you want to connect with.

MegaMates Mobile Voice Ads Keep Your Profile Current!

What you're looking for now may be different than
what you're looking for tomorrow. The inclusion of
voice ads in our mobile app gives members the
flexibility to let other members know what they're
looking for in real time!

Whether you're in another city, a different part of
town or like to change it up from time to time, you can
re-record your MegaMates Mobile voice ad to suit
what you're looking for NOW. MegaMates Mobile is
the only Smart Phone web-based application
with this functionality!